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Drain Clearing

 Clogged drains are often caused by years of buildup, slowly filling your pipes with sludge, hair, grease, and soap residue, tree roots. Our drain clearing services will ensure you’re not left with a system backup and expensive repairs. We don’t just clean your kitchen or shower drains, we offer sewer drain cleaning services as well.

Preventative Maintenance​

 Preventative maintenance helps homeowners avoid unwanted and frustrating clogs. This is the easiest way to keep your home plumbing system happy, healthy, and clog-free. That's why we offer an affordable maintenance plan to ensure your pipes and drains are properly cleaned and maintained year-round.

All Types of Faucet, Bathtub and Toilet Installation and Repairs​

 From budget friendly fixtures to high end models, we've got you covered.

Pipe Rerouting, Locating and Leak Detection

 We use both modern and time tested methods to locate pipes as well as leaks. Our work is always up to standard or exceeds Ontario's minimum code.

Drain Replacement

 It's not always possible to repair a damaged drain. We are experienced in drain replacement: excavation and rerouting, backfilling and re-cementing.

Emergency Plumbing

 We know how stressful it is when you have a clogged pipe, a flood, a leak or sewer back up. We are committed to clearing up your emergency promptly and competently.

Water Service Upgrade

 Older homes may benefit from a water service upgrade. Benefits include replacement of older lead pipes with safe alternatives such as copper, elimination of micro leaks which reduces homeowner's water bill and increased water pressure. 

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Power Flushing

 When there are stubborn instances of clogged drains, some times the best thing to do is to use high-pressure water to clear it. It is a quick way to ensure your drains run smoothly. We want to make sure it is as clean as possible.

Back Flow Prevention​

 A backflow preventer is a device that’s installed on your main drain inside the house underground to prevent any backup coming from the city. We are experienced in installing and testing backflow prevention devices. Inspection and city rebate forms will be provided.

Sump Pump Installation

 A sump pump is designed to pump water through a pipe away from your home’s foundation. The goal of a sump pump is to protect your basement from flooding and water damage. To ensure that your sump pump is working to its best capabilities, it must be checked at least every three years. We Provide both installation and inspection services for sump pumps.

Thawing of Frozen Pipes

 We are experts in gradually thawing frozen pipes to prevent pipes from bursting. This will avoid costly pipe replacements and potential floods.

TV Camera Inspection

 Video sewer inspection equipment visually locates blockages, any drainline structural problems. It offers a trenchless pipe repair and replacement option that can save both money and unnecessary of digging up more of your floors, gardens, and driveways. Structural pipeline problems can be classified:

  • Sags (low areas)

  • Tree root infiltration/water infiltration

  • Broken/shifted drains

Shut Off Valves

 Water shutoff valves allow you to shut off the supply of water in your home, either the entire home , or sections of it. They are crucial to be able to quickly prevent small emergencies turning into large floods. They should always be up to date. We will inspect and recommend any additional valves, to ensure maximum efficiency.

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